Certification procedure

Application for the certification


Certification (Mandatory Certification)

The main difference between certificate and declaration is in the fact that in case of certification, testing, confirmation of communication equipment conformity and issue of the certificate be carried out by a Certification center (in case of declaring a manufacturer shall conduct all tests by an accredited testing centre (laboratory) and on the basis of received results (test reports) shall register the declaration of communication product conformity).

For the communication products used in the unified telecommunications network, the certificate of conformity is required for:

  • automated telephone systems (ATS) of both mobile and fixed-line telephony;
  • switches, routers, firewalls and trunk data transmission systems;
  • communication products, which perform functions of systems of control and monitoring (NMS);
  • billing systems - (billing);
  • base stations of cellular telecommunications and radio access networks, trunk systems, radio relay stations, television broadcasting equipment, and earth satellite broadcasting stations;
  • law enforcement support system equipment;
  • end equipment, which may lead to the malfunctioning of public communications networks.

The certificate of conformity confirms that the products conform to the rules of the equipment application and may be used in the unified telecommunications network.

Procedure of certification:

procedure of certification

The tests conducted by an accredited testing centre (laboratory), on the basis of the results of which the decision on issue of the certificate of conformity shall be made, make the mandatory part of the procedure for confirmation of communication products conformity.

The certificate of conformity may be issued according to one of the four schemes for the period from 1 to 3 years (depending on the scheme). At this, in case of drawing-up the certificate for mass-manufactured products, a Certification body shall conduct annual inspections.

Certification schemes


No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4





Manufacturer or Seller


Serial products

Serial products

Serial products

Different lot

Period of validity

1 year

1 year

3 years

3 years





not required


Factory audit not required.

Document of the manufacturer confirming the fact of manufacture by the manufacturer of the communication product required.

Factory audit not required.

Factory audit required.

Factory audit not required.

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