Declaring Procedure

Declaration Form

Voluntary Certification

Declaration of conformity form

The declaration of conformity form shall be drawn up in duplicate in Russian and must contain the following:

  1. Name and location of an Applicant and a manufacturer of communication products.
  2. Specification of the communication product in Russian, which contains:
    • name, intention, completeness and functions of the communication product,
    • software version (if any),
    • electrical (optical) characteristics,
    • radio-frequency emission characteristics (for radio-electronic communication products),
    • conditions of application in public communications networks,
    • switching field capacity (for communication products which perform the functions of switching systems),
    • schemes of connection to public communications networks with indication of implemented interfaces and signaling protocols,
    • data on presence (absence) of built-in cryptographic (coding) tools, global positioning system receivers,
    • operation conditions, including climatic and mechanical requirements, ways of placing, types of power supply.
  3. A written confirmation of the fact that the communication product will not have a destabilizing influence on integrity, functioning stability and safety of the unified telecommunications network of the Russian Federation upon the condition of use of the communication product in accordance with its designated purpose and ensuring its conformity to the established requirements by the Applicant.
  4. Data on studies (tests) conducted in accordance with the established procedure, as well as on documents, on the basis of which conformity of the communication product was confirmed.

    The evidential materials must include the results of the own tests and the tests conducted in the accredited test laboratory (centre) within the scope determined by the established requirements.

  5. Validity period of the declaration of conformity.

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