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Declaring Procedure

Process of registration of the declaration of communication products conformity shall be independently initiated by an Applicant, which may be represented both by a manufacturing company and a supplier or even a buyer.

Acceptance of the declaration of conformity shall be based on provision of evidence Ц test reports issued by a third party, e.g. by an accredited test laboratory (centre) which conducted corresponding tests.

For declaring of conformity, the Applicant shall:

  • choose the established requirements, the communication products conform to;

  • conclude a contract on testing with a test laboratory (centre) or an entity, organizing the communication products testing, and provide samples of the declared products and their specifications;

  • draw up the declaration of conformity and file it to the Federal Communications Agency for registration;

    Refer to Execution of Declaration.

  • pay a state duty for registration of the declaration of conformity to be carried out by the Federal Communications Agency.

The declarant shall obligatorily keep a copy of the declaration of conformity registered in accordance with the established procedure and evidentiary materials during the whole validity period of this declaration and within 3 years from the date of its termination.

For your information

  1. Only a legal entity Ц resident of the Russian Federation may be a declarant.
  2. A duty to the state budget of the Russian Federation for the registration of the declaration of communication products conformity must be paid directly by the declarant.
  3. From January 1, 2015 the duty for declarations registration amounts to 3.500,00 rubles.

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