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For application of communication products in the networks of the Russian Federation, mandatory confirmation of conformity (certification or declaring) is required. This requirement is approved by the Law of the Russian Federation «On Communications».

The communication products not included into the list of communication products subject to mandatory certification (by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 532 dated 25.06.2009) are subject to declaring of conformity.

The main difference between declaring and certification is in the fact that in case of declaring a manufacturer shall conduct tests by itself, and on the basis of received results (test reports) shall register the declaration of communication product conformity.

For declaring of conformity, a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, being a manufacturer or ensuring conformity of supplied communication products to established requirements on the basis of a contract with the manufacturer, may be an applicant for declaring.

The procedure for declaring is much more independent, than the procedure for certification. A declarant shall choose the established requirements, the communication products conform to, provide a test laboratory (centre) with samples of the declared products and their specifications, draw up the declaration of conformity and file it for registration to the FAC, pay a state duty for the declaration registration.

The validity period of the declaration of conformity shall be established by the declarant on its own. At this, during the whole validity period of the declaration the declarant shall bear responsibility for ensuring conformity and for non-conformity of the declared communication products.

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