Certification procedure

Application for the certification

Document Templates and Forms


Voluntary Certification

Execution of Application for the certification

For mandatory certification, the Applicant shall submit to a Certification center the application for the certification, including:

  1. Application for the communication product certification
  2. Specification of the communication product, which contains:
    • name, intention, completeness and functions of the communication product,
    • software version (if any),
    • electrical (optical) characteristics,
    • radio-frequency emission characteristics (for radio-electronic communication products),
    • conditions of application in public communications networks,
    • switching field capacity (for communication products which perform the functions of switching systems),
    • schemes of connection to public communications networks with indication of implemented interfaces and signaling protocols,
    • data on presence (absence) of built-in cryptographic (coding) tools, global positioning system receivers,
    • operation conditions, including climatic and mechanical requirements, ways of placing, types of power supply.
  3. Document of the manufacturer confirming the fact of manufacture by the manufacturer of the communication product presented for certification (if the Applicant is a seller).

    The document of manufacturer Ч is any document containing the following information: the name of the manufacturer of the communication product, its location place and identification characteristics of the communication product presented for certification.

  4. If necessary, the Applicant shall provide a Certification body with additional information.

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