Voluntary Certification


There are two forms of confirmation of conformity: certification and declaring.

The main difference between them is in the fact that for declaring a manufacturer shall conduct tests by itself, and on the basis of received results (test reports) shall register the declaration of communication product conformity.

In case of certification, the certificate of conformity shall be issued by a certification body, which, in its turn, shall conclude a contract on testing with a test laboratory on its own, and on the basis of received results shall decide whether to issue the certificate or not.

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Each test laboratory and communication product certification body must have the accreditation which grants them the right to perform works on confirmation of conformity exclusively within the sphere of accreditation. The accreditation sphere is governed by the regulatory legal acts, according to the requirements of which confirmation of communication products conformity shall be conducted.


All communication products with regard to their connection to public communications networks, not included into the list of communication products subject to mandatory certification, shall be subject to conformity declaring.

The declaration of conformity, as a rule, is required for end user (terminals) communications equipment - CPE (wire and wireless telephones, IP-telephones, mobile devices, modems, BlueTooth and Wi-Fi wireless modules of 802.15 and 802.11a/b/g/n standards, telematic service servers, antennas, etc.).

Certification (mandatory certification)

Communication products used in technological communications networks and dedicated networks are subject to mandatory certification with regard to their connection to common communications networks.

For communication products used in the telecommunication network of the Russian Federation, mandatory confirmation of conformity in the form of certification is required for:

  • automated telephone systems (ATS) of both mobile and fixed-line telephony;
  • switches, routers, firewalls and trunk data transmission systems;
  • communication products, which perform functions of  systems of control and monitoring (NMS);
  • billing systems - (billing);
  • base stations of cellular telecommunications and radio access networks, trunk systems, radio relay stations, television broadcasting equipment, and earth satellite broadcasting stations;
  • law enforcement support system equipment;
  • end equipment, which may lead to the malfunctioning of public communications networks.

The complete list of communication products subject to mandatory certification is approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 532 dated 25.06.2009.

The scheme below shows the algorithm of choice of the form of conformity confirmation.

systems of certification, declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity

The certificate of conformity may be issued according to one of the four approved schemes for the period from 1 to 3 years (depending on the scheme).

The equipment not included into the list of communication products subject to mandatory certification shall be subject to declaring.

For further details on the process of mandatory certification please refer to the section Mandatory Certification.

For your information

The certificate of conformity and the declaration of conformity have equal legal effect in the Russian Federation.

Voluntary certification

A manufacturer may independently formulate technical requirements to its products or verify their conformity e.g. to international standards. In this case the manufacturer may apply to a certification body for the confirmation of conformity to some or other standards and issue the voluntary certificate of conformity for the products.

The voluntary certificate increases products marketability, and serves as an additional advantage in case of participation in tenders.

For example, a private-branch exchange (PBX) conforms to the requirements of the Order No. 268, but with regard to the mandatory requirements of the Russian Federation it should conform only to the Order No. 70. A certification body may issue the certificate of conformity supported by the test report of test laboratories and corresponding law enforcement support system (LESS or SORM) services, confirming that this equipment really corresponds to the requirements of the Order No. 268.

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