Voluntary Certification

"TELECOM" Voluntary Certification

"TELECOM" voluntary certification system was founded in 2012 by the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics and the "Concept" Fund for Support and Development of Public Safety Technologies.

The system was created for the organization and performance of works on voluntary confirmation of conformity in the form of voluntary certification of:

  • infocommunication services,
  • infocommunication tools,
  • quality management systems (QMS),
  • information safety control systems.

The main distinctive feature of the Systems work is its focus on a Communications Service Provider which may be an Applicant, or motivates a Manufacturer of the equipment to act in this role.

(DOC, 46 )

Advantages of interaction with "TELECOM"

  1. The possibility to add the basis of mandatory confirmation of communication equipment conformity with functionality of confirmation of quality indicators of the equipment and telecommunication services.
  2. The certificates issued by a third party confirm objectivity of choice of the equipment from the technical point of view.
  3. The possibility to exclude a corruption component in the employees of a Communications Service Provider employees of the Manufacturer of the equipment interface.
  4. The tests conducted at the test zone of the Communications Service Provider, allow considering the correlation degree between new equipment and the equipment already operated.
  5. The certificate of the system allows the Communications Service Provider to present the document of a third party confirming quality indicators of the communication services to a tender board of a potential consumer of these services.
  6. Voluntary certification is the possibility, within the scope of testing at the test zones, to involve inspectors of the Russian Cultural Heritage Network and employees of the Radio Frequency Center for determination of the beginning of operation testing and simplification of the subsequent procedure for delivery of the communication object.
  7. The Communications Service Provider will really be able to complete its nodes with guaranteedly integrated equipment of various Manufacturers, thus economically having broken a rather frequent dependence on one Manufacturer.
  8. A Manufacturer will have an additional motivation to improve quality of the manufactured equipment.
  9. The possibility to build a training-centre for employees of the Communications Service Provider on the basis of the certification process.
  10. The possibility of staff training from students doing internship at the test zones. "TELECOM" is responsible for the quality indicators of the equipment and infocommunication services, certified voluntarily.


Interaction algorithm in the process of certification

A Certification body shall:

  • develop a new regulatory base or use an available regulatory base for the declared equipment (services);
  • develop the Program and methods of field testing;
  • agree upon the scheme of the test zone on the Providers network.

A test centre together with representatives of the Provider shall conduct field testing of the equipment (services) at the Providers test zone.

A Certification body shall analyze the received results of testing, having compared them with indicators of the regulatory base, and decide whether to issue the certificate with indication of basic parameters of the declared equipment (services) to the Applicant.

The algorithm for certification of quality management systems (QMS) and information safety control systems in the System is standard for certification of processes of the Communications Service Provider by a third party.

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