Certification procedure

Application for the certification

Document Templates and Forms


Voluntary Certification

Certification procedure scheme

Execution of application

An Applicant shall fill and send an application for communication product certification to a Certification center (body).

Refer to Execution of Application.

Acceptance and registration of application

A Certification center shall register the application, make sure that it is filled-in correctly and check completeness of the documents submitted.

Processing of application

If all documents are correct, a Certification center shall identify the communication products presented for certification, choose the established requirements for conformity to which certification shall be conducted, and send its decision to the Applicant.

The decision will be positive if the communication products specified in the application are subject to mandatory certification and there are regulatory documents required for it.

The decision will be negative, if, for instance:

  • The communication products specified in the application are not included into the list of the communication products subject to mandatory certification;
  • There are no regulatory documents required for certification;
  • The documents enclosed to the application do not contain enough information.

Choice of the certification scheme

Upon receipt of a positive decision of a Certification center the Applicant shall choose the scheme of mandatory certification.


No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4





Manufacturer or Seller


Serial products

Serial products

Serial products

Different lot

Period of validity

1 year

1 year

3 years

3 years





not required


Factory audit not required.

Document of the manufacturer confirming the fact of manufacture by the manufacturer of the communication product required.

Factory audit not required.

Factory audit required.

Factory audit not required.

Conclusion of a contract with a Certification center (body)

The Applicant shall conclude a contract on mandatory certification with a Certification center.

Cost of certification depends on the scope of works and starts from 1000 USD.

Mandatory certification shall be conducted within 3 months from the moment of contract conclusion (in case of certification of complicated equipment the period can be extended up to 6 months).

Conclusion of a contract with a test centre

Upon conclusion of the contract with the Applicant, a Certification center shall conclude a contract on testing of communication products with a Test laboratory (centre), which sphere of accreditation covers the communication products specified in the application, and select samples for testing.


A Test laboratory (centre) shall conduct certification testing of selected samples and on the basis of their results shall draw up test reports.

Decision to issue or to refuse to issue the certificate

On the basis of the certification testing results a Certification center shall make a decision to issue or to reasonably refuse to issue the certificate of conformity.

In case of a positive decision, a Certification center shall draw up the certificate of conformity and file it for registration with the FCA.

Certificate drawing-up

Within 10 days the Federal Communications Agency shall register the certificate with the register of certificates of conformity and inform the Certification center thereof.

Certificate receipt

Upon receipt of a written notification of the certificate registration a Certification center shall issue it to the Applicant.

The certificate shall be valid from the date of its registration with the register of certificates of conformity.


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